Oak Trees

In this blog post we are going to discuss all things Oaks. The differences between the oak trees and where they are located in the United States and what types there are. Stay with us in order to reflect on the best trees and diverse uses and purposes of oak trees in America. There are over 600 species of oak trees in the world and the United States hosts 90 of them.

Live Oaks:

The term live oaks is used to describe oak trees that are evergreen and don’t lose their colors during the colder seasons of the year. Talk about a strong tree! That is why the expression “hard as an oak” is used so often among the elderly, they are simply indestructible in some circumstances! My buddy at Gwinnett Immigration Attorney uses that expression all the time! In the spring a single oak tee produces both male and female flowers. The fruit that the tree produces is called an acorn which squirrels totally love and devour every chance they get.

Famous Oaks:

The Emancipation oak tree is one of the most famous trees in the world and deemed by the National Geographic Society as one of the ten best trees in the world.

Another one that is supposedly over one thousand years old is called the Bowthorpe Oak tree found in Europe. After several tests on the age of trees, they have discovered that it is over one thousand years old! Wow, a tree that has been through a lot and over 10 centuries. No wonder they are looked at as the strongest trees in the world!

The Ivenack Oak tree is located in Europe as well and has been found to be over 800 years old. IT can only be found in Germany so there aren’t many of these in the world! Another tree found to be almost one thousand years old is very impressive!

The seven sites oak is located in Louisiana, United States and is said to be the oldest oak tree in the world! It can be dated to be at least 1500 years old with a trunk that measures thirty eight feet in diameter! I knew that there were some large older oaks in the Bayou, but up to 1500 years old is very very old.

These are some of the most astounding oak trees on the planet and it was worth a share here on the blog. I couldn’t believe it when I heard and read that some were up to 1500, 1000 or even 800 years old! I knew some trees were probably 200 or 300 years old, but no idea that they could be that old of trees. I guess once they reach a certain size and age, they just die off and disappear? What happened to all the trees from 3,000, or 10,000 years ago? You would think that they would still be standing as well! Anyway, until next time, get out and find an oak tree to sit under for some real shade!

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