Green Acres is the place to be..

Everyone remembers that song and the tv show from the sixties right? I didn’t really watch it as a kid growing up since it came on television before my time. But, afterwards when I was younger in the eighties, I would see episodes on and watch it when they were convenient to my before and after school hours. The show is somewhat of a theme of this blog, where you are trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get out the acres and acres of land that give you that re-charge. My friend at Junk removal Smyrna GA¬†watches this show on TV Land all the time still. The Green acres that is, or the Oak Grove Acres which is a place out in rural America that everyone can take the time to escape to.

I remember one episode when the wife on the show, I can’t remember her name, came from New York out to the Green Acres to the husband. He had lived there and wanted the fresh air, farm work, and the simple life. While she wanted the New York life of sky scrapers, shopping and luxury life.

It was funny because she came out to the country and didn’t have many skills that the country folks had. Her husband had invited over some friends or they were over to the house to help out with work around the farm or something. Everyone was in the kitchen while she cooked and they were waiting to eat. She had made pancakes that were not perfect and tough and hard. Basically they were over cooked and she was oblivious to that. Hilarious. So the guest was trying to press his fork into one of the pancakes to put it on his plate, but it was too dry and hard to put his fork through it! He repeatedly poked and prodded but he couldn’t get the pancake, and the husband was sitting across from him. He said, you want to go get some breakfast? there is a good joint right up the street with excellent pancakes, sausage, and all the breakfast food you can eat.

She was still cooking along in the kitchen to attempt to whip up some toast, butter, eggs and more and the two guys here out…They were headed down to the local cafe to grab some breakfast that would be cooked correctly. This is just one of the mere dozens of examples where the lady from the city had no clue how to cook, work on the farm, or do any thing that was necessary on a farm and country life. They really are worlds apart, the green acres life and the New York city life. It goes to show you, that when life is slowed down, you learn the more simple things in life, such as cooking, feeding farm animals, and a slower pace of life. Although, I can’t really see how people lived back then on a farm, in the most rural areas, without any connection to the world with internet, or smart phones. It really was a more simple life, and you had to entertain yourself doing a lot of other things!

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